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Clear Those Boulders Away!

A couple of weeks ago, God brought back to my mind a vision He gave me many years ago and had me draw. This vision depicts me walking uphill on a path. Jesus is ahead of me moving some big boulders off the path. In the vision, I was surrounded by angels. Yes, I really did see the angels, I really did see me walking the path, and I really did see Jesus clearing away the boulders. At God’s prompting, I attempted to draw the vision.

At the time of the vision and my drawing of it, I was facing a great trial in my life. I had cried out to God, asking Him to show me that He was working in my life and that I was not alone in that trial. As I was seeing the vision, I remember God pointing out the various things in the vision that He wanted me to draw out.

First and foremost, Jesus was ahead clearing the boulders out of my way. The path was uphill. There were angels all about me. What I didn’t pay attention to then, but clearly see now, the path directly in front of me was already cleared! I faced no boulders in my path because Jesus had already cleared them! I had the freedom to walk the path without worry, concern, fear, or stumbling. It was still uphill, and I still had to walk it. However, in God’s omniscience, He had already gone ahead and cleared specific barriers that were laying on my path.

Today, as I face some significant challenges in my life, I am reminded of His omniscience, His power, and His clear path He offers to me. In fact, He offers this to everyone who calls on Him and who is His child. Are you facing any challenges in your life that seem overwhelming and maybe even desperate? If so, take comfort in the knowledge that Jesus wants to carry your burden. He wants you to walk in total peace knowing He is protecting you, strengthening you, and carrying you through it. He wants you to cry out to Him and catch the vision that He has already gone before you to clear those boulders away! Even if you are timid about catching the whole vision, the biggest point is that Jesus is your source for everything you need.

Heavenly Father, I pray for the person reading this post. I pray that they will search for you and find you right there waiting for them, already working on their behalf. I pray they will put their trust in you and know that you are their source, their supply, and their everything for whatever they have need of. I pray they will raise their voice in praise to you and wait expectantly to see your miracles in their life. I pray that you would be glorified through their life and they would know that they are deeply loved. Amen.

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