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The Light of the Dawn

Have you ever awoken early in the dawn hours and looked out upon the light of dawn? The early morning dew is still on the blades of grass and flower petals blanketing the ground. You just stand there soaking in the beauty of the freshness that comes with the dawn hours. Everything is new, untouched and ready to birth forth under the morning sun as it paints across the landscape.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 4:18 that “the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines brighter and brighter until the full day.” When we take a looker deeper into this scripture verse, we see a few nuggets of encouragement, hope and life! First, we see that there is a path called righteousness. No man designed this path, God did. No man created this path, God did. Only God knows the path’s intricate design. Only God knows the unique challenges of every individual as they begin their journey on this path called righteousness. For some, the journey will have some challenging terrain. For others, the journey will include suffering. For some, the journey will seem long and hard. One this is for sure, the journey to righteousness is unique to every person.

Second, this path of righteousness has a unique light. This light is the first rays of the morning sun. It is soft, untouched, and new. As it falls across the landscape, it brings with it a sense of newness and hope. The light is rising above the landscape as if it is covering it with its beauty and love. The light increases. It shines brighter and brighter as it blankets the landscape.

Our Father’s love is the same. It covers us with newness, hope and warmth. It envelops us. His “early morning light” brings a light “dew” into our lives. His presence and His love increases. It grows stronger and stronger. Do you have this vision? Take it in. Bask in the truth that He loves you and wants to refresh your soul.

Finally, a full day is coming. The Latin word for “full” is plenus. This word means abundant, generous, not lacking or omitting anything; complete. Do you experience days that are crammed full of activities, responsibilities, and “stuff!” The Lord intends for His children to take in the beauty of His light of dawn before we take on the full day. The light of dawn for a person pursuing righteousness begins our journey to the full day. It prepares and positions us.

Are you on a journey down the path of righteousness? If you aren’t, you can be. Simply ask Jesus to forgive you for trying to live this life in your own strength. Look at Him as the One and ONLY person that can save you and be your Lord. Trust Him and rely on Him every minute of every day. When you mess up, start again by confessing and accepting Him to be your Lord. If you are on the path to righteousness, do you begin your day with the light of dawn? Do you seek Him for His peace, strength, direction, power, love, and abundance every morning before you begin your day? Do you bask in His greatness and ability to be your anchor in the storms of life?

Your path is very different than my path. Our paths are very different than others. However, we all have the same God, the same call. That call is to the path of righteousness. Take hold of your calling and walk with the power of our mighty God.

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