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"There comes a time in the heart of every woman of God, that she recognizes that there is a higher love than anything, or anyone of this world, can give. Bible Scholars call this “Agape Love.” This book is a journal of Laura’s discovery of Agape love. She has titled it Unbridled Love.
To “unbridle” a horse means that you give up control. You let the horse lead, and you simply respond. This kind of “letting go of the reins” of our lives, and letting The Holy Spirit of Christ take control, is exactly what Laura attempts to share with the reader.
Through each chapter, Laura recounts challenging and painful events in her personal life, as the very things God used to draw her into an intimate personal relationship with Christ. She seeks to bring the reader into a “deeper, richer, satisfying relationship” with Jesus Christ through sharing “His-Story” in her own personal journey. From the beginning of the book, Laura projects that through each chapter the reader will find a “deeper level of love the Lord has for His bride,” which will lead the reader to a “life of abundance and freedom.” This story of Laura’s personal journey may be of special encouragement with those who face the challenges of loved ones dealing with abuse, drugs, personal grief, the death of a loved one, or are currently in the “middle of a storm.”
-Sherrill Coberley

Unbridled Love: A Woman's Journey to Faith, Freedom, and Abundance 

I was deeply moved in reading "Unbridled Love" by Laura Coleman. I found I couldn't put it down. I am challenged to dig deeper into my relationship with God. In my desperation to see God intervene in situations happening right now in my life, I am challenged to devote myself to prayer, deep and earnest prayer that doesn't let go or give up.
Giving God complete control and trusting Him with people I love and circumstances that are beyond me is something that Laura models in this book, and I believe, lives out in her life.
She is brutally honest with God about her feelings, hurts, disappointments, fears as well as her hopes and dreams. And God comes through with answers.
I found encouragement and challenge in the pages of this book and would recommend it to anyone seeking God for answers.

- Leona McNeil

This a book that everyone needs to read. Set aside an afternoon and just plan on reading it all the way through because you won't be able to put it down. It took me through a range of emotions, so make sure you have your tissues ready, while inspiring and encouraging me to deepen my relationship with God!

- Laurie Bartee Wunch

This is such a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing this is a must read for anyone ! Thank you for sharing your journey Laura .

- Nancy Jacques

Laura's Unbridled Love is an awesome testament that shows the true power of God's love in all things! Even when she felt helpless and alone she turned to God and not only prayed be believed that God had control over her life and that of her family. From heart break, to death, to almost losing a child Laura's journey continued and her faith deepened! May every person who ...reads this book open their heart to Jesus and seek complete oneness with the Lord!

Unbridled Love tells of the struggles that Laura journeyed to fulfill her visions given by God of a loving marriage, a complete family, a successful business and most importantly a truly personal relationship with her savior! She went from the abandonment of her husband, in which she felt complete loss and uncertainty, to a prayer warrior who prayed about her marriage. Her vision was to achieve a loving marriage, happy family, as well as a successful business and most importantly to have an authentic relationship with her savior.

The first time she was abandoned by her husband was almost crippling, but Laura turned to her faith and started her prayer relationship with our Lord! Her self esteem and confidence is shaken, her faith is tested, and her hope is put to strenuous test. Laura continue to journey on and trust her Savior the old Laura would have fallen apart but she did not!
Although she had significant troubles and many of them, she continued to give praise for the joys and the peace she was receiving deep inside. Laura learned that she had to dig in get things done and seek help to overcome obstacles that would come up! She prayed
to have God's abiding love in her marriage, her relationship with her son, her business and of course her continued journey!

- Jo Bledsoe

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