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Reviews and Testimonials

"This book is a journey to hell and back . The pain of excruciating loss, the discovery of Jesus’ unbridled love, and the overwhelming fulfillment of a wife and mother’s dream. I recommend this to any woman."

- Ramona Kearney

"This book is truly amazing, extremely timely and can change your life. I have read it twice now and was on the edge of my seat reading it both times. It holds your interest all the way through as you journey with Laura Coleman on her "journey". So many give up too soon and too early in life. They give up on relationships and on their children and just sit back and allow the devil to run rough-shod over them (I know, I've done it!) and all the while there is redemption and breakthrough and victory in Christ and in His finished work! Praise God for this book and all that will be forthcoming from one woman and one man's life!

- April Willey

         Unbridled Love: A Woman's Journey to Faith,

                            Freedom, and Abundance 

"Unbridled Love" by Laura Coleman is not to be missed by anyone wishing to have an authentic, intimate relationship with God. Laura recounts, with sometimes brutal honesty, her journey from putting almost anything but Jesus first in her life to a deep place of complete surrender. Readers will identity with her struggle to make sense of how to cope with life altering events; of her cries to God wondering why is this happening again. I have been challenged in a new way to examine my life and see what areas in my life that I am still insisting on being in control of. The testimony in these pages will inspire you and give hope to those who feel overwhelmed and alone. Laura's journey shows us just how much Jesus loves each of us and how a place of complete surrender to Him brings joy and freedom.

- Jane Majors

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