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Sit on Your Father's Lap

Are you overwhelmed or struggling today? Sometimes, we just need to sit on our Heavenly Father’s lap and press into His bosom. This morning, as I prepared for my time with Jesus, I lit a candle, turned on the fountain and grabbed my coffee. Sitting down in my comfortable chair, in the place where I call my inside “sanctuary,” I positioned myself and prayed, “Lord, speak into my mind this morning.” Suddenly, as I laid my head on the wing of the chair, I began to sob. The sobs and groans intensified and were coming from a

place deep inside of me. I couldn’t stop them. At times, the sobs and groans were so intense I couldn’t even catch my breath. Instead of trying to stop the flow, I yielded to it and in my mind, I saw myself like a child in my Father’s lap. The more I sobbed and groaned the closer and tighter my Father held me.

After several minutes the sobs and groans ceased, and I just sat still with my head on the wing of the chair. I didn’t want to leave that special place with my Father. At one point I opened my eyes, lifted my head and glanced at the fountain running on the table next to me. The thought came to me, “Stay plugged in! The water will not flow if you are not plugged in. I am the living water, your continual source of peace, strength and joy. Plug into me and you will walk these difficult paths ahead in my strength, in my peace, in my glory.”

As I pondered this thought, I thought about how most of the time I read His Word, I pray, and I praise. However, I realized that it has been a very long time since I just sat in my Father’s lap and let Him emote through me all that I needed to emote. Like an infant, sometimes we just need to lay in the arms of the one who loves us so deeply.

When was the last time you simply rested in the arms of your Heavenly Father? When was the last time you just took time to sit, with eyes closed, in a quiet, peaceful place just letting our Heavenly Father love on you? When was the last time you allowed Him to emote the feelings you have deep inside? When you feel like sobbing do you stop it? Don’t!! Rest in His arms and let Him take over. It is the most incredible and cleansing process. I am thankful He reminded me of this familiar place. It has been too long since I have been on His lap like I was today. My prayer is that I will “plug into Him by sitting quietly (even amid the sobs and groans) on His lap and pressed into His bosom. I pray you will as well.

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