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Through three marital separations, the death of her mother, and watching her son struggle with a heroin addiction, Laura opens up and shares her struggle with and victory in living a life of faith. She shares how each experience draws her into the deep end with Jesus, diving deeper to find freedom and life in abundance.

“More and more my mind and heart were overcome by the grief of losing my mother. I tried desperately to take my caretaker hat off and just be the daughter to my mom. But I couldn’t. There was no other person around that could step into the caretaker role to care for her and she needed that.”


“Heroin. My heart sunk to my chest. Heroin? Heroin? I couldn’t even comprehend that that word in the same sentence as our son could even be possible. I was devastated. I could barely breath.”


“Being a person that naturally wants to control the outcome, knowing there was nothing I could physically do really tested me to the limit. I had to completely and fully trust God and be confident in that trust. I honestly did not know the extent of the heartache and damage that lay ahead.”

Every day, women face many challenges when trying to grow in their level of intimacy with Jesus while struggling to manage the priorities of their household, family, work, and ministry. Regardless of a woman's age or where she is on the spectrum of her faith journey, she fights the enemy's attempts to distract her from living in “now” faith. NOWfaith is a Bible study that aims to help you dive deeper in your love relationship with Jesus while learning how to live in now faith. It is meant to challenge you in examining your walk with the Lord and reveal things through scripture that will grow and deepen your faith in Him. The journey to find “now” faith takes a lifetime. Your faith journey is personal and the revelations that God will birth in you throughout this study will be personal as well. This seven-week study is designed to bring you through a series of biblical events, experiences, and truths that exemplify “now faith.” As you engage in this study, be encouraged that you too can experience this kind of faith in your own life. It can used in a group setting or as your personal Bible study. Whether you embark on the journey in a group or in your personal study time, key scriptures found throughout this study are presented in a way that empowers you to study, memorize and display God’s Word.

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