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Encouraging women through the written word.

Encouraging women through the written word.

Unbridled Love

A Woman's Journey to Faith, Freedom, and Abundance.

Unbridled Love is an emotionally charged book that deals with the realities of addiction, abandonment, marital failure, hopelessness, losses and grief, from the deepest pain a heart can endure, to the heights of joy and exhilaration. Follow Laura’s journey as she lives the events of every woman’s worst nightmare and learns to trust again. Follow her story as she reaches the fulfillment of every woman’s greatest happiness. If you are yearning for a deeper walk with Jesus, experience the Unbridled Love of God through Laura’s trials and events that show God’s freeing love for His Bride. His unbridled love is available to every individual regardless of their life choices.

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Trusting Jesus Through the Storms of Life

This seven-week Bible study is designed to bring women through a series of biblical events, experiences, and truths that exemplify the “now faith.”  It is designed to lead women into a deeper love relationship with Jesus while learning how to live in now faith. 

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